Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Solstice 2011 North Fife

Solstice 2011 North Fife, Tayview 21st June.
What dreich day, no visible sunrise in this neck of the woods, yet all over the world the day will be observed as a turning point with many rituals taking place, in the UK the most notable is at StoneHenge where Druids assemble, hopefully they had a good sunrise.

Sacred Gatherings: Rituals for the Pagan Family [Kindle Edition]
Sacred Gatherings is a complete collection of full rituals for the Pagan family. Whether that family is parents or caregivers with children, a small group of people who like to do ritual together, or a solitary practitioner who cares about Earth and all her children, this book will be instrumental in the celebration of solstices, equinoxes, cross-quarter days, full moons, and dark moons. There are also rituals to aid others in healing and to honor the major changes and milestones in life. Including children is an important part of doing any family ritual and this book helps families do that by containing rituals that are short, using rhyming texts, and including activities to keep children interested and focused. Other useful tips on how to include and involve children in ritual are included throughout the book.
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Path of the Shaman.
Dispelling the modern myths about shamans, Anna Franklin teaches from the first words on the first page that what has gone before is a twisting, a changing of the truth about shamans. She then delves in to some very personal stories about people called to this path and each of their personal numinous experiences. Having disabused us of our preconceived notions, this helps us understand more deeply just what she has been explaining though example. Her section on changing consciousness is precise. It may not sit well with modern neo-pagans to be confronted with such un-PC methods of altering the mind but she only scored bonus points with me for doing the right thing in not sitting in the 'bunnies and light' camp. She goes on to explain more about ways of beginning your journey of travelling the cosmos before introducing us to the world of spirits. Breaking down and explaining the world of spirits, she makes this section accessible to most readers but be aware - to someone brand new to all this you may get slightly left behind. She progresses to an excellent chapter on animal powers and thankfully follows it with a section on their often ignored counterparts - plant allies. She pulls no punches in this section and all plants are investigated. With recipes for flying ointment, trance incense and shamans tea among others, this book does not pull any punches. After the preparation of the knowledge for the journey, she leads us in to the final chapter on shamanic practice. I was moved beyond words by the beginning of this book. It reminded me of my traumatic numinous experiences which I have studiously tried to forget. It woke in me those vestiges of that path which I did not wish to traverse. I learned more, understood more and recognized more than I had before. This is a serious book and does not seem intended for the lighter, politically-correct (PC), fluffy, crystal-weenie pagan that so many of today's books are aimed at. Franklin assumes the reader has a brain and is able to do side reading and is not reliant on the book as the oracle of all knowledge.

The Path of the Shaman is book two in Anna Franklin s Eight Paths of Magic series, exploring the role of the shaman, the mediator between the world of humankind and the world of spirits. This book explores, from the perspective of native British shamanism, the shamanic cosmos, the web of power, the shamanic crisis and becoming a shaman, healing and soul work, as well as working with the spirits of the land, plus animal and plant allies.
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