Friday, September 10, 2010

River Tay Skies September

This morning, dank in the passing rain, not unpleasant as it is warm. Many people pass along this road and I'm sure they are as uplifted as myself.

This was this morning.

Each night as I drive home to Flisk from Newburgh North Fife I am always attracted to the views, sometimes the water other times my head in the clouds.

The River Tay Sky 9th Sept.

The River Tay at Newburgh 9th September.

The river Tay Sky 9th September.

Tay sky over Dundee 9th September. In the foreground a field of oilseed rape, cut and standing on the stalks ready to be combine harvested. In the distant bottom right an oil rig into Dundee Docks for maintenance.

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