Saturday, September 04, 2010

Newburgh Orchard Group Plum Sale 2010 North Fife

Newburgh Orchard Group Sept Plum Sale 2010 North Fife.

15 minuets before the sale starts a queue forms. Over 500 kilos of plums were on sale.
Newburgh Orchard Group.Newburgh Orchard Group (NOG) was formed by local people in June 2002. Its aims are:

- to preserve, maintain and develop Newburgh’s heritage as an historic fruit growing area;
- to enable local people to gain enjoyment and economic benefit from fruit growing;
- to see Newburgh put on the Tourist Trail as Scotland’s Fruit Town;
- to create a resource of which the people of Newburgh will be proud;
- to research Newburgh’s fruit heritage and to preserve its ancient fruit varieties;
- to build up a network of fruit tree owners and bring people, skills and resources together.
Also to enable many others to eat them and enjoy.

Customers pick and choose from the available fruits.

Other Newburgh garden produce for sale.

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