Friday, April 17, 2009

Primroses North Fife

Primroses in Higham Woods at Ballinbreich North Fife. I have noticed this wee stand of primroses not too far from the roadside for a while. Clambering up to examine revealed the flowers more clearly but with the unexpected, bones and antlered skull of a Roe deer clearly illustrating the cyclical nature of life, providing nutrients and even confirmation that when it's good "everything comes up roses". I know, excuse me.

North Fife is now resplendent in blossom of many kinds. These are Sycamore flowers, to me they radiate a first flush of vibrant green, hardly seen yet quite luxurious in there own way.

Bird Cherry blossom, Smaller fruit than cultivated varieties and often decimated by local bird populations before one might gather.

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