Friday, April 03, 2009

Nikon D90 North Fife

Today I unpacked my new camera. A Nikon D90, This the first shot taken in my studio at Steeple Arts Newburgh, North Fife. Point and shoot on wide angle 18mm, not bad but with slight barrel effect. I find the automatic elements of digital cameras a bit of a nightmare with the plethora choices to set up somewhat complicated compared to totally manual cameras of old. Anyway I've bitten the bullet and will have to learn how to use it fully. Time will tell, I still yearn to use my old 4x5 large format camera but film stock and chemicals are limited, harder to purchase and what exists is increasingly expensive. I must be a bit of a Luddite at heart. I enjoy to scan my old 4x5 negs and adjust in photoshop to print, the results are fantastic due to lens quality and simplicity of application.

This and the picture below are of my ducks, Indian Runner, Khaki Campbells, yes I know, again, taken hand held at 105mm maximum length of the zoom lens, on manual focus but maybe the viewfinder or my eyes need adjustment for a better image. I'll be happy to take any advice on how to improve outcomes.

Each duck is a character and this is the dominant Drake.

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Sara said...

How do you like your nikon d90? If your new to digital photography it might take some adjusting but im sure you'll be taking some amazing shots in no time