Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Steeple Arts Raku

Steeple Arts Newburgh North Fife. Yesterday, Moyra Stewart a studio holder and potter Raku fired pieces and tested various glazes which when conditions are just right in the firing, temperature, surrounding atmosphere, the metal oxides are reduced to their original metallic colours giving amazing lustrous qualities.

Moyra transferring a red hot 960c raku ceramic bowl onto a bed of shredded paper which is then covered with more and the whole sealed with an inverted cover to exclude oxygen. Raku clay is a mixture designed to withstand thermal shock of which it has plenty.

The outcome of this particular firing. It's a fabulous technique and anyone interested could benefit from reading the publication below.

Ceramicists searching for new ways to fire their creations now have a wealth of options. Authors James Watkins and Paul Wandless, along with a group of distinguished artisans, demonstrate in detail how to build low-cost, low-tech, yet high-quality kilns and varied firing techniques. The plans range from an easy, affordable and versatile Raku Kiln to a unique wood-fuelled Downdraft Stovepipe Barrel kiln. These clever devices make it possible to produce rich surface effects from alternative reduction firing techniques. In addition to showing the basic procedures for using each kiln, easy-to-follow directions for many fast-fire methods unfold in color photographs: you'll see how to achieve terra sigillata surfaces with direct chemical application and how to do traditional crackle-glaze raku and smoke finishes.Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques: Raku - Saggar - Pit - Barrel (Lark Ceramics Books)

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Anonymous said...

This looks very interesting. There seem to be quite a few artists/crafts people working around Newburgh. Would enjoy seeing more of their work from time to time. Thank you.