Thursday, March 19, 2009

Google Street View North Fife

Google Street View North Fife, Today I noticed this video camera car in the High Street Newburgh North Fife, coincidentally tonight on channel 4 news covered the subject. The driver grumbled a wee bit about out of date maps were since he had to cover all byways and highways on his patch. Apparently, yesterday the vehicle recorded my own house with the family sitting in the garden who were shocked to hear on the news tonight that in Britain faces and car number plates have to be obscured. How silly, carried through to all photographic, video and film footage that has and is produced is a very odd proposition. Fear of the new. There is nothing wrong with transparency, it is the essence of how it honestly is or was if viewed later.

Spot the difference, is this really how some people would have it? A far more and potentially pernicious aspect of British society is the profusion of surveillance cameras everywhere. We are the most watched peoples in the world.


Dave J Ford said...

The reason your site is so fascinating is that it shows & records real people – people one knows & see in the street, doing ordinary things, today. It’s nice to know someone thinks these everyday events are worth posting & it would be great loss to society to prevent this type of valuable local journalism because faces & signs could not be shown. Keep your camera shootin’.

Dave Ford

Glasgow Holidays said...

Any idea how long after the video cars have taken the footage it appears on Google?. I have seen them in Glasgow last month.