Monday, February 16, 2009

Zen North Fife

Zen North Fife. I have created a link to a site that explains well, requires concentration and patience and in itself is a very useful tool in understanding the nature of mind.

"Written by a lay teacher with 60 years of experience in zazan, this book provides everyone from absolute beginner to experienced student with detailed, progressive information and discussion on breathing, posture, distraction, actions of mind, physiology, mood, laughter, kensho, and samadhi."—Library Journal

"An extraordinarily important book. It should be on the shelves of all libraries."—Choice

"[Sekida's] approach is radical in its attempt to define Zen practice in terms of Western physiology and phenomenology."—New Age Journal

"This book is a valuable work. Though physiologically technical, it remains personal and practical, focusing on the actual experience of zazen practice. Ultimately, however, it is the concentrated and serious spirit of the book that most tellingly establishes its value to those interested in Zen."—Philip Kapleau . ZEN Training: Methods and Philosophy (Shambhala Classics)
The only way to know is to taste.

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