Monday, February 23, 2009

North Fife Photographs Mahakala

Tomorrow is the last day of the Tibetan Buddhist Year, the year of the Earth Mouse gives way to the Female Earth Ox. The last day of the lunar month is Mahakala Day, a wrathful and protector deity that is invoked to neutralise the accumulated negativity of the preceding month. At Rumtek Monastery Sikkim where these photos were taken the last 14 days of the year non stop ritual and Puja takes place for good measure.

The turning of the year accords with Cosmology and cycles of time depicted in the Kalachackra Lama Dances, The Wheel of time. A teaching embedded in Tibetan Buddhist practice.

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I hope you all are warm and fuzzy and cuddled up in front of the fireplace.. Aloha to all in North Fife.. Miss your e-mails!! Much to say and much to do.. Hugs all around my friends.. DEBBIE HOPE.. in Eugene Oregon.. we have winds and rain here but it makes all the trees green in the springtime.. its surely is a beautiful world.. with lots of beautiful people here..and everywhere...zz...let the warmth of the light shine down on you and all who love.. for the sake of loving.. and being....