Sunday, September 28, 2008

Evening Tayview North Fife

Evening view of the River Tay North Fife.

William McGonagall wrote frequently of The Silvery Tay, living in Dundee one cannot escape its presence and qualities. How he would have poetically used golden reflections is hard to know, a sight not seen from Dundee. He had a reputation of being the worlds worst poet, so bad that he is loved by some. Billy Connelly falls into this category using material from McGonagall in his stand up comedy.

William McGonagall was known as the Greatest Bad Verse Writer of his age, but was sustained throughout his career as by an invincible belief in his own genius. 'The Tay Bridge Disaster', 'Death of Lord and Lady Dalhousie', and 'Attempted Assassination of the Queen' all passed into recorded Victorian literature and are reproduced in this collection. McGonagall was unrecognised in his own lifetime, but how has many thousands of admirers around the world - including Billy Connelly, who has written an affectionate introduction to the anthology.Poetic Gems (Duckbacks) .

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