Sunday, March 02, 2008

North Fife Flowers March

North Fife March Crocus Flowers. Here in Flisk clumps of crocus flowers are sprinkled about in the landscape and gardens along with Hellebores ahead of the many wild flowers that share the ground. There is a Hellebore called Wester Flisk that has cerise tinges on the leading and outer edges of the petals.

North Fife Hellebore flower in March.
Many Hellebores self-seed very easily and if you can find seedlings near the parent plant, dig them up in early autumn or late spring and replant them where needed.
One key factor with Hellebore seed is that it is at it's best when fresh - after eight weeks or so, the germination rate will begin to deteriorate rapidly. So, if you can collect your own seed and use it quickly, that is best. Collect the seed in late spring / early summer time. The seeds are ripe when the pods start to dry out and then begin to split open. After picking the seed pod, shake out the seeds and separate them from any of the pod debris. Sow as soon as possible afterwards.
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