Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shooglenifty Latest CD.

Shooglenifty CD.Troots
The globetrotting Scots band demonstrate their musical ability and imagination in another album packed with their trademark melodic grooves. A tune written in the Antipodes ('Excess Baggage') is arrestingly graced by an Inuk throat singer who sang with the band in the Yukon, while a Balkan horo rises in the middle of a set and 'Loreen's Tune' revels in the gentle waltzy banjo and fiddle of some Appalachian valley. Troots once again proves Shooglenifty's talent for music rooted in home traditions but with proven international appeal.
Shooglenifty have been around long enough to defuse the element of surprise in their musical fusions, a process hastened by the pervasive genre-expanding influence they have exerted over the years. If it no longer packs the sheer novelty it once did, they have succeeded in continually revitalising their energised music along the way, and this fine new album reveals a notable coherence and assurance in both conception and execution.

The new tune sets, all by the band except Donald Macleod's pipe tune 'Walter C Douglas', are well up to standard. The inclusion of Inuk throat singer Tanya Tagaq Gillis (a star turn at their Celtic Connections gig which launched this disc) on the vibrant 'Excess Baggage', also demonstrates that they still have the odd new trick up their sleeve.

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