Thursday, June 14, 2007

North Fife Rhubarb Jam.

Try this North Fife Rhubarb Jam, it's a real treat. Approx:-
2 Kilos of preserving sugar ( contains pectin),
1 Kilo of skinned and cut pieces of rhubarb,
1 Kilo of fresh strawberries halved or quartered, depending.
3 or 4 heads of Elderberry flowers, just the flowers.
Put half the sugar and all the ingredients ( not the Elderflowers )in a pan and set aside over night.
bring to a boil and simmer, add the remaining sugar, stir from time to time and test, when a sample sets on a cold plate it's ready to pour hot into sterilised jars. At This point put in the Elderflowers, stir, Enjoy.

Best to avoid aluminium cooking pots.

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