Thursday, August 07, 2014

Field Pea Harvest North Fife

Field Pea Harvester North Fife. What an incredible machine, a harvester with attitude, hydraulic struts to maintain a horizontal status to the processing unit behind the spacious 180 degree all glazed cab. Radio contact with all the other gathering vehicles, fabulous views too.

Pea harvester on its slow way downhill, notice the opposite tilt of the processor  relative to the wheels, clever. Going by the shape, it involves a rotating drum where the peas are miraculously separated from the stem leaf and pod. Trundling along at about 3 miles an hour. Peas in the hopper, debris spilling out the rear looking like boiled spinach. 
Pea plants produce nitrogen in the soil, so no need for artificial on the next crop. A win win for sensible and wise managers. Earlier, the field.  Although harvest was still motion a yield of 80 tons was recorded at that time

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