Friday, May 23, 2014

May Blossom May North Fife

The River Tay at Newbugh yesterday evening, low water revealing the deep channel in which the ships are pilot  navigated along to Perth Docks.

 Today, pleasantly warm with more sunshine.
In the garden a mixed hedge is in full Hawthorn bloom
The leaves, flowers and berries can be eaten as a healthy food supplement.I've allowed the hedge to grow quite tall as a defence against the agriculture chemical spays. It's a sad fact that farmed countryside is now more hazardous a place to live given the noxious poisons regularly sprayed on the fields than industrial areas.
Pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, you name it. Dig soil in a field and you'll never find a worm and probably loads of other natural organisms/elements important for a balanced environment.
As a consequence my wee unkempt patch has become an oasis of living.
A tractor spraying the field of oilseed rape that surrounds my garden. I did inhale what ever it was in taking this shot.

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