Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Moss and Lichens Pitmedden Forest North Fife

Yesterday there was a brief respite from rain, though overcast a walk in the hills into Pitmedden Forest was a delight. So good to exercise after a long sedentary spell. Starting at Loch Mill, puffing and panting along a track I was struck by the vibrant colours of the mosses and lichens. Moisture, perfect conditions.

Lochmill, once the water supply to Newburgh, now up for sale by Scottish Water, Newburgh having first option to buy. A very tranquil spot shielded from most winds, stocked with trout and available for fly fishing.

Tree stump, lichen covered, decaying away proving food for wood wasps and long horned beetles.

Lichen with red fruiting ends.

Sphagnum Moss thrives in moist conditions, plenty of that lately.

Occasionally one squelches through standing water along the track.
Pitmedden Forest and more, more still. A wonderful place to visit as walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers do.

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