Friday, December 27, 2013

Fiona Law The Man in the Woods

Julia Fawlks wants to help her quirky friend Bea get ahead with her new career in hypnotherapy, so she gives her access to her house on the edge of Windsor Forest with the idea Bea can use one of the rooms to practise from when Julia is at work. What could be the harm in such an arrangement between firm friends? But Julia begins to have vivid dreams of liaisons with a horned man who comes for her. At first they are a pleasant distraction then they become increasingly intrusive, and ever more disturbing. Soon the horned man is no longer a figure in a dream; he is becoming manifest and his amorous attentions are now arbitrary demands on Julia. When Julia tries to expel her ghostly stalker, the horned man becomes increasingly violent and his insidious presence turns to possessive control. And that’s when Julia notices the faint trace of a necromancy circle drawn on the patio in her garden. Just what has Bea been doing at her house? Who is the horned man and will Julia be able to shake him off?

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About This Author
Fiona lives in Newburgh – a beautiful and ancient idiosyncratic town nestled alongside the Tay estuary in Scotland. She loves ancient history, mythology, folklore and especially all things Celtic. Her compassionate interest in people, her fascination with Britain’s rich and colourful heritage, and her endearment to its picturesque land are reflected in her delightful storytelling. Fiona mostly writes fantasy and historical woman’s fiction but also some children’s fiction. When she’s not penning stories in a nook in the attic space, you may find her cooking up a storm in the kitchen, knitting fine garments or reading tarot cards. More titles by Fiona Law: The Traveller – Short Story. Won 3rd place in 2011’s Asham Anthology: Something Was There. Published by Virago, ISBN -13: 9781844086832 Saint Alba’s Jawbone – Novel: Romance. Setting - Medieval Britain Published by Eternal Press. ISBN 9781615722266 The Rosemary Thief – Novella: Fantasy Romance. Setting - Medieval. Published by The Wild Rose Press, is currently out of print. The Hand of Glory – Novella: Fantasy Romance. Setting - Medieval. Published by Eternal Press. ISBN 9781615722938 Oswin’s Project – Paranormal Comedy. Setting – Contemporary Britain. Published by Eternal Press. ISBN 9781615725847 Short Stories published online by Alfie Dog Limited : Away With the Fairies – Humorous urban Fantasy Seven of Swords – Humorous Urban Fantasy The Morning After – Humorous Romance The Turkey Remains – Humorous Direct link: Further information with links can be found on Fiona’s website:

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