Monday, September 23, 2013

Newburgh Walking the Marches 2013

The throng gathers at what was the George Hotel corner of Tay Street  for 1-00 pm start. The walking of the marches is now a tri-annual event asserting rights of way and marking the boundary of the Burgh of Newburgh. White paint is reapplied on marker posts along the way, typical of Newburgh the person assigned the task was called Picasso. The walk is about 8 miles, up and down, across fields,undergrowth, twice under the railway and this year because of the state of the tide, for the piper and Picasso a gurgle and swim in the River Tay.

Away down Tay Street at just past 1-00pm.

Onwards down Coach Road to the river and turning East passing the Yacht Club then inland emerging at Parkhill Steadings skirting Lindores Abbey Ruins.

Approaching the A913 at 1-29 pm.

Skittish Jacobs Sheep unused to such intrusion.
What's going on?
 Emerging onto the A913 at 1-34pm
Rounding Cemetery corner....
Another gate to climb.
All over it by 13-41pm

This was 1-43pm and for me it was out of site until 5-13 pm when the more spread out walkers began to arrive for the welcome foods and a barn off Woodriffe Road. Only another mile to the end.
After all those fences, gates, ups and downs, the assortment of pies, filled rolls, drinks beckoned.

The last being piped in for a wee bevy.
In line for that welcome replenishment.

Of the walkers were these three year youngsters, Lewis Roper 3 & 10 months and Blair Hain with Sam Green.
Traditionally the youngest and oldest receive a reward,
Jim Davidson aged 79 with the wee ones. A half bottle for Jim and a large box of sweeties for the boys.

Refreshed and off again.

 It was all down hill to the railway tunnel and onto the A913.... thence the top park skirting Mugdrum Estate.
A steady line.

A slow descent to the river Tay.
It's amazing how overgrowth can develop in 3 years. The majority bypassed this obstacle.

At this stage of marking of the boundary the wall is marked and a white stick is thrown into the River Tay as far as possible. The tide happened to be high and the piper readied himself for the plunge. Up to his neck he piped away. I did video it in HD, all is needed is the right software for me to publish when done. It has the makings of being  classic. lol.

In the middle "Picasso" shakes the water off.
It's 6-27pm and a stroll back to Coach Road completing the circuit.

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