Tuesday, April 09, 2013

North Fife April 8th 2013

East & West Lomond April 8th.

East Lomond April 8th, snow capped just like much of the Highlands this year, it's April for goodness sake and yet winter prevails. Further East sits Falkland with its Palace and estate which is the venue to the Big Tent Festival.

West Lomond, to the West sits Loch Leven on which there is a tiny island where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned. Boat trips can be taken to the very spot where one can wander and muse on the historical facts.

Later same day at Newburgh, heavy intermittent clouds over the river Tay.

Lowish water exposing the sandbanks by Mugdrum Island.

I just love the clouds too catching the sun from the west.

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