Saturday, November 03, 2012

Japanese Maple North Fife

Acer palmatum, called Japanese Maple or Smooth Japanese Maple (Japanese: irohamomiji, or momiji,) is a species of woody plant native to Japan, North Korea, South Korea, China, Eastern Mongolia, and South East Russia. Many different cultivars of this maple have been selected and they are grown worldwide for their attractive leaf shapes and colours. They are highly sought after and are relatively costly trees given their size. A good way to acquire, find and collect seeds this time of the year, they require stratification to germinate, just pop them into a freezer for a few days.
Japanese Maple has been cultivated in Japan for centuries and in temperate areas around the world since the 1800s.The first specimen of the tree reached England in 1820.
Acer palmatum includes hundreds of named cultivars with countless forms, colours, leaf types, sizes, and preferred growing conditions. Heights of mature specimens can range from 0.5 m to 25 m, depending on type. Some tolerate sun, and others like shade. Almost all are adaptable and blend well with companion plants. The trees are particularly suitable for borders and ornamental paths because the root systems are compact and not invasive. Well drained soil is preferred, and the trees grow strongest when they are not over-fertilized. Many varieties of Acer palmatum are successfully grown in containers. This young tree is growing successfully in Newburgh North Fife, I was struck by the vivid colour sprinkled on the grass.

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