Monday, August 20, 2012

Newburgh Coble Boat Races Flying Display North Fife

Air display at the Coble Boat Races Newburgh North Fife. Once again we were treated to a wonderful aerobatic display given by DAVID PATRICK HEATHER-HAYES pilot of the Pitts Special and CHRISTOPHER DAVID CYSTER pilot of the Tiger Moth. A brilliant warm sunny day probably one of the best we've had for the display and Coble Boat races.
One of the many close passes of the Pitts Special.
On a loop.
Passing upside down. Built in 1981 with well over 400 flying hours, a thirsty wee beast.
Tiger Moth passing sidewards. Built in 1941 with well over 4000 hours flying time so far.
During the display at the top of a 1000ft vertical climb it stalled and fortunately was able to glide down and land on nearby Mugdrum Island. I was sure it would be stuck there given the soft ground condition. 20 mins later up it came evidence of the excursion is the grass trailing on one of the wheel struts.

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