Monday, July 02, 2012

Khajuraho Temples India

Khajuraho Temples are situated in a village in Madhya Pradesh, bearing the name of Khajuraho. The rural ambience and the rich cultural heritage of the village serve as the perfect backdrop to the temples, which depict the sensual pleasures enjoyed by human beings. Khajuraho temples also reflect the maturity of the people belonging to that period. One of the most popular tourist attractions of India, the temples were constructed somewhere between 950 and 1050 AD, under the rulers of Chandel Empire. Each of the temples comprises of three main compartments i.e., the entrance (ardhamandapa), the assembly hall (mandapa) and the actual sanctum (garbha griha). The temples have been divided into three groups, based on their geographical patterns, namely western, eastern and southern. The theme of the Khajuraho temples is mainly the celebration of woman and her countless moods and aspects. The temples, built of sandstone, have also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 1972 I was commissioned to make 3D ceramic tiles based on the Temples of Khajuraho for an Indian Restaurant in Birmingham. At the time the only reference was poor quality B&W prints mainly of the less explicit examples. Little did I know that one day I would see them for real, mind-blowing. Should you ever go to India then visit, take your sketch book, camera, video camera and even a copy of the Karma Sutra if you're that way inclined. These photographs show but a tiny fraction of what can be seen.
Chhatarpur district.
I hired a bicycle and peddled out, easy going as it's mostly flat and the Temples came into view.
This how the town was in 1980, considerably developed since, it was walk, hire a bike, take a rickshaw or ambassador taxi. There were originally over 80 Hindu temples, of which only 25 now stand in a reasonable state of preservation, scattered over an area of about 20 square kilometres (8 sq mi). All within cycle distance. Today, the temples serve as fine examples of Indian architectural styles that have gained popularity due to their explicit depiction of sexual life during medieval times.
Closer up a veritable feast of sandstone sculptures featuring the art of sexual pleasures.
We all do it, some do it divinely.
Buddha, snail covered head, seated on and shrouded by Nagas.
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