Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lesley A Young, Artist Newburgh North Fife

Llotja Llaut Llum:[Box Boat Light]: An Exhibition in The steeple, 67 High Street, Newburgh North Fife.
Lesley's initial design training was at Glasgow School of Art and she subsequently studied Textile Art. She now works as a visual artist in a variety of media including film, photography and fabrics. Lesley produces work for exhibition and sale and is happy to accept commissions.

Lesley A young.

Lesley says " There is something sad and melancholic about a boat that has reached the end of its working life. The fishing boats I photographed in Majorca-known as llauts-had been abandoned on the land and left to decompose and decay. There is a rich beauty in this process-think about autumn, about the dying of the light creating all those colours. But for these boats there would be no spring, yet they have taken on new role as inspirational material for artists; they are still objects of beauty and worth.

None of the images have been retouched-they are exactly as the camera took them. I chose to use a low resolution camera, being more interested in capturing colours and textures. I was drawn to the beauty in the detail and the effect of UV light on the subjects.

I chose to hold this exhibition in Newburgh as it too has a history of using small boats for fishing.

The exhibition includes 28 images of Majorcan llauts also incorporated into a short film accompanied by an evocative piece of music which plays throughout."


Lesley's website.

The exhibition will be shortly on show at The Scottish Fisheries Museum, Anstruther.

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