Monday, August 22, 2011

Urban Garden Birmingham

Garden in Birmingham, average city size but extremely productive in soft fruits, vegetables yet still being a decorative and pleasant place to lounge and enjoy. The greenhouse provides 50+ kilos of black desert grapes and Tomatoes. Raspberries, blackberries, red, white and black currants, I am always impressed.

Urban garden some 360 miles South of north Fife and it shows in the abundance of fruits.

Fuchsia flowers have a very long flowering period and always do well.

Victoria plums.

Chinese pear which ripens on the tree unlike British conference pears which are picked unripe and hard requiring patience before you can sink your teeth into.

Eating apple of unknown name.

Bramley apples, always a heavy cropper and worth it.

Figs grown in this urban garden, once very popular in Victorian and Edwardian times, now making a come back. The fruit is formed on new growth so for maximum production pruning is required whenever the branches become 2 centimetres.

Figs in abundance, fresh straight from the plant are a real delight, quite different from dried ones which are chewy with gritty seeds.

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