Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tayview MV CEG Cosmos

A calm River Tay, like a millpond reflecting MV CEG Cosmos.

Today: CEG Cosmos flowing with the tide upstream on The River Tay off Flisk Point, having waited off St Andrews for the turn, a pilot was probably picked up there or in Dundee on route from Hanstholm, North West Denmark to Perth, Scotland. The River Tay has many shifting sand banks and indeed I have seen ships become grounded at Newburgh. In spite of new navigation beacons, Pilots are needed.
On june 12th 2007 L├╝ddeke ReedereiAgentur GmbH took over the correspondent ownership of MV "CEG COSMOS" a new purchase of Messrs CEG, Hamburg. The vessel is employed to trade in the Continent/Baltic/Mediterranean range primarily for the transport of general cargoes.
Dwat:1.300 mt DWAT
Dwcc:about 1.250 mt dwcc summer / 1.200 mt dwcc winter
Built:06/1983 Husumer Schiffswerft, Germany
Type:boxshaped singledecker
Loa / Beam:63,17m / 11,32m
Holds/Hatches:1 Hold / Hatch 37,1m x 9m x 5,9m
Perth Docks are relatively tiny and can only provide space for two vessels of this size. Grain, Coal, Fertilizers, Timber, Chemicals seem to be the main imports.
In the past Newburgh was the main transfer place from large ships to small for onward shipment to Perth. Newburgh was also a place of export of locally quarried minerals.

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