Monday, January 18, 2010

Harvey Holton 1949-2010 North Fife

On Friday 15th Harvey Holton, Poet moved on. He is and will be greatly missed by many, a good friend and a joy to be with.

Harvey at home.

Scots Poet Harvey Holton reads from his publication Finn at his home in North Fife.


Hao Teng said...

thank you for this
I've lost half of my self
bereft of my twin brother

mind o him wi a smile
(an a dram)


Grant Carstairs said...

Greetings and best wishes Peter.
Sorely vexed to learn of Harvey's passing.
Grant and Fran

Anonymous said...

Shocked and bereft to learn of Harvey's passing. One of my greatest friends. My thoughts are very much with Anne and Brian.

Peter Raffan