Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Butterflies and wild Flowers North Fife

Small White Butterfly freshly emerged and at rest on a Campion flower tonight at my home in north fife. It just so happens that we planted out some cauliflower and cabbage seedlings today so we will know what to expect. Below another shot of Campion flowers, this time with a visiting fly.

Computer design wizard Rob Still, author David Tomlinson and the WILDGuides team have produce the handiest and friendliest guide to British butterflies available. They have pioneered the use of computer enhanced photographs, which combine the advantage of a photograph as an accurate record of an individual, with the artists ability to stress those features that are representative of the species. In a pocket-sized, 192 page, full-colour photographic guide you have all you need to identify all the butterflies of the UK. Those wanting more detail, or a European field guide, should supplement this with the superb Tolman & Lewington (Collins) guide.

Since WILDGuides are a non-profit organisation which supports conservation throughout the world (in this case, profits go to Butterfly Conservation), you are helping ensure that the wildlife you enjoy today will still be there for others to enjoy tomorrow. Check out their other titles, all of which share the enhanced photography approach.Britain's Butterflies (Wild Guides)

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