Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bob Marley North Fife

Having now moved into my studio at The Steeple Arts Newburgh North Fife and sorting through my photographic archive, I am happy to have found these and many more images of Bob Marley and the Wailers. These as yet unseen photographs were taken at a sound check and performance at Bingley Hall Stafford in 1978. Memories came flooding back, the occasion was relaxed and professional and it was a delight to be present and mingle. From it I now understand the energy that performers receive from the the throng, having delivered, it is returned thousands fold. Extremely uplifting. Contact me if you have interest in downloading much higher resolution images.

Jammin Enjoying the practice.

The current album being promoted was Kaya.

Marley is in a mellow and happy mood as the album opens with "excuse me while I light my spliff" on "Easy Skanking" and maintains the feeling throughout. "Kaya" has one of the best bass riffs of any Marley song (played by the wonderful Aston "Family Man" Barrett). The hit single "Is This Love" is included and he sounds upbeat singing "She's Gone", although the subject is that his lover has just left him. Nothing fazed him; he was able to address political and emotional subjects with the same degree of feeling and his manner was truly saintly. KAYA is one of his finest moments. Kaya


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