Friday, May 16, 2008

Den of Lindores North Fife Clematis

Den of Lindores North Fife Clematis. Driving through today on my way from Cupar to Perth I had to record this wee house which sits by the the ancient road that connects St Andrews to Lindores Abbey, these important Christian centres are now in ruins due to the reformation hundreds of years ago. Now everything in the garden is lovely.
The Reformation
'If you think properly of the Gospel, please don’t imagine that its cause can be advanced without tumult, offence and sedition... The word of God is a sword, it’s war, ruin, offence, perdition and poison. If I am immoderate, at least I am simple and open’
Martin Luther on Protestantism (1520)

The 16th century was the age of the European Reformation: a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics which divided Western Europe for over 150 years, and continues to do so until this day in certain areas.
It started with a protest in 1517, when Martin Luther, a German Augustinian monk, nailed his 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenberg. What started as the spiritual doubts of one monk, spiralled into a religious movement known as Protestantism - named after Luther’s 'protest'.

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