Saturday, February 09, 2008

North Fife Losar Celebration

North Fife Losar Celebration. Each New year of the Tibetan and Chinese Calendar for the last thirty plus I have Celebrated in the traditional way. Always at any festive moment people eat. We do our practice, resolve to be happy and wish all auspiciousness for the benefit of sentient beings. Anyway, traditionally Tibetans cook Momos very tasty morsels. I was shown the process in Rumtek Monastery Sikkim in the late nineteen eighties and have cooked them each year, many times actually because they are so nice.

The author, who comes from the southern part of Tibet, spent some years in his youth cooking in a Tibetan monastery near the Nepalese frontier. He wrote this book in order to preserve an important part of the culture of his people. The result is a work of remarkable authenticity. The heart of it is in the collection of 'pure' Tibetan recipes, prefaced by ten engaging chapters which describe Tibetan food habits.

Food in Tibetan Life

If you have fond memories of Tibetan food or would like to try it and you love to cook, go for it.

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