Monday, April 23, 2007

The Environment

The Lichen Hunters is an enthusiastic account of the early years of a burgeoning ecological movement - The British Lichen Society. Formed in 1958 the society created a complete listing of all British lichens. Lichens are like a multitude of small watchmen recording the progress of pollution across the countryside. They are indicators of air-quality, traffic pollution, fertilisers and acid rain. They are also, as far as Oliver Gilbert and his fellow lichenologists are concerned, things of incredible beauty and mystery. His enthusiasm is infectious. Lichenologists bear comparison with the original Victorian plant hunters in their willingness to travel widely, and endure extreme weather in their pursuit of a rare specimen. Part travelogue and part social history of the British Lichen Society, The Lichen Hunters will charm readers and be a valuable addition to the ecological canon.The Lichen Hunters

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