Friday, November 10, 2006

From Orkney and Shetland to the north east coast, and from Fife to Berwick, fishing boats have been an important part of the maritime heritage of Scotland. The original designs of fishing vessels were based on Viking ships, but by the early twentieth century, scaffies, fifies and zulus were being replaced by more modern craft, all of which are included in this charming collection of fishing boats of Scotland. The future of the fishing industry in Scotland cannot currently be termed as promising; successive EEC rulings gave resulted in a large diminution of fleet, and this, combined with a regime of ever-changing restrictions and rules, have made it impossible to work with current legislation and still be economically viable. However, the author hopes that there will be those who, either due to faith and enterprise or simply for lack of other opportunity, will continue to invest and continue as generations of their forefathers have done before. This book illustrates the vessels that played a past in the fishing industry in Scotland, with 200 old photographs accompanied by informative captions. Fishing Boats of Scotland.

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