Monday, September 30, 2013

Toni Truesdale Artist in residence The Steeple Newburgh North Fife

For the past month Toni Truesdale has been Artist in residence at The Steeple Newburgh North Fife. Quickly gained the tag, "Toni that paints" Gave talks of her works and motivations. Toni states " History and Mythology need to include the unrestricted stories of all women. The female perspective should be reflected in aesthetics, values, spirituality and morality.
I develop imagery that shows the natural beauty and intelligence in aspects of the multicultural life of  Sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, grandmothers all"
I'm feeling left out here.

Toni Truesdale alongside a print of her work entitled "Grandma Dreams of Dancing"

 Mama Wata

Women of the waters
From the top, Cailleath and Nephthys.
 Untitled, arising from a visit to Mugdrum Estate Newburgh and an avenue of ancient Yew trees.Also to look at at....

Mugdrum Cross stone. The early Celtic carvings having in time largely eroded away.

Morning Star, one of many artworks available as prints.

 Peace Woman

Water Spirit.

For more of Toni Truedale's work and

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Lynn Mahat said...

Your work is Soul Stirring, Toni.